When they asked me not long ago if I knew that it was a nuanced cord, the truth is that I did not think at all what it could be but when they showed me an example on my mobile I immediately knew what it was. The mother of one of my friends makes crafts with this kind of shoelace but she doesn’t buy it in a store. She has managed to get in touch with a manufacturer of nuanced cord so that it will be considerably cheaper than in the store. These crafts, after making them, are sold in stalls, usually at fairs but with everything that is happening, the vast majority of fairs are not taking place so the sales of these crafts have suffered a clear decline. But at least during the confinement she kept busy doing these crafts, which is more than many can say.


I know more people who live mainly from sales at fairs and they are all in a very precarious situation, but as in almost all businesses, they are not allowed to open more or less normal hours. Because it must be said that many people have not been able to open their premises since they confined us to our homes and it does not seem that the leaders are going to do anything about it. I wonder how many late-night bars will be open when they let us go out again at night. I am sure that many bars and nightlife venues will not be able to survive being without activity for so long.


Personally I hope not, but they have told me that maybe they will confine us again in our houses for how long it is not known, I sincerely hope that they are wrong and that the numbers of infected improve as quickly as possible and that the shadow of the confinement ends sooner. Although the expectations are not that they are too hopeful seeing what our neighboring country, Portugal, is doing, which has locked itself at home again watching the virus progress.